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Viewing Lyrics for Assistant Principal's Big Day:
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Artist:Adam Sandler
Album:They're All Gonna Laugh At You (1993)
Track:Assistant Principal's Big Day
Date Added:27/11/2008
Rating:not yet rated     

Assistant Principal:
Uhh good morning students and faculty.
If I could have
your attention please,
Uhh as you may or may not know Principal Cambell
Will not be
here for the rest of the week
Ahh due to a throat infection.
Uhh leaving me
Assistant Principal Dunbar,
As the school's lone administrator for the next few days.
(clears throat)

Uhh though the policies set forth by Principal Cambell

will remain the same,
ahh there will be some additional regulations,
ahh you
must also follow.

Uhh number one smoking outside the administration building, will only be allowed during uhh lunch periods.

Uhh number two the girl's
showering facilities will be moved,
from the locker room into my inner office,
I can watch the girls wash their breast and buttocks,
while I play with myself.
Uhh number 3 while showering none of the girls will be allowed
to snicker or laugh at
the uhh size of my uhh genataila.
Uhh eye contact with me is also prohibited.
Uhh number 4 girls are encouraged to wash each other freely,
as I build towards orgasim.

(clears throat)

Number 5 while I am ejaculating the boy's gymnastic
team must
undress each other uhh spread eagle in front of me and
satisfy each other
orally until I have completed uhh ejaculating.

Uhh finally rule number 6 any student
caught writing graffiti
or defacing school property will be automatically suspended, uhh unless they are uhh masterbating.
Uhh if you have any uhh questions about these uhh
new regulations
I will be in my office uhh spanking it with a thumb up my ass
Good day.

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