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Viewing Lyrics for You Said It All:
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Artist:Ozzy Osbourne
Album:Unknown Ozzy Osbourne album songs
Track:You Said It All
Date Added:02/12/2008
Rating:not yet rated     

Well I got a funny feelin'
But I'm gonna stay cool
Something's tellin' me I'm
gonna break all the rules,
Let me tell ya I'm not insecure,
But I got an empty felling
that you've got the cure

You said it all, you've got to stay Too proud to fall, no more to say

Well I'm feeling sober but I'm high on the
Like a demon sick and sick and tired of being alone,
I've made a bed that is
hard to lie in,
But if lovin' you is wrong,
I can't do nothing but sin
(repeat chorus)

Let them hang me
They would if they knew
Even half
the things I've been doing with you
Walk me to the gallow and drop me to the floor Watch me swingin' and I still want you more

(repeat chorus)

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